Flight delay compensation divider

For flights from the European Union or operated by European airlines (e.g. Lufthansa, Air Berlin) that were delayed for over 3 hours you are entitled to compensation of between 250 and 600 €.

You are entitled to compensation for flights from Turkey operated by Turkish airlines if the delay was longer than 7,5 hours.

If the airline is responsible for the delay, you have the right for compensation – up to 3 years after the flight disruption! The amount of your refund is independent of the flight price. It depends on the flight distance

In case of “extraordinary circumstances” beyond the control of the airlines like e.g. a strike or bad weather this regulation does not apply.

Air passenger rights apply up to 3 years after the flight disruption!

How much compensation are you entitled to?

0 – 1500 km 1501 – 3500 km > 3501 km
Within the EU 250 € 400 €
Outside the EU 250 € 400 € 600 €

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