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“” makes the complicated legal process easy for you. There is no upfront cost involved. If we don’t win your case, you won’t pay anything.

– If we successfully assert your claim, we will retain a service charge of 24,5 % (plus VAT) of the received compensation.
The rest will be sent directly to your account.

– If we aren’t successful, we will cover all the legal costs and won’t charge you for anything.

What do you have to do? You have to fill out the form on our home page. This data is essential to check whether you are entitled to compensation or not. Please, fill it out completely.
As soon as we get your claim form our trained staff will check whether you are entitled to compensation. We will then get in touch with you regarding next steps.
With your authorisation, we will commission our partner lawyers to assert your claim as quickly as possible – without you having to deal with all the bureaucratic burden! From now on you won’t have to do anything, however you can always get in touch with us to learn of the progress.

Right of withdrawal: You have the right to withdraw this contract within 14 days without giving a reason.

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We enforce your rights

Our lawyers stand up for you EU-wide.

100 % cost-free

If the airline won’t cover the legal costs, we will.

You get your money fast and easy

If successful, we will send your compensation directly to your account and deduct a service charge of 24% (plus VAT).

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